I'm not a photographer, I'm a painter who uses photography.

My mixed media artworks share these three elements: my interest in the new photography so the actual "physical" medium itself as the subject. Exploiting photography and pushing the boundaries of the photographic print by cutting into the photos and mounting them into my paintings is my way of breaking a taboo and pushing photography beyond the traditional. Secondly, the landscape whether it is Southern California and surf culture or Hawaii or Toronto or new spots yet to be conquered, the landscape and water are always a secondary subject of my work. Surfers in the landscape have remained signature elements in all my artwork for the past decade. I am inexplicably drawn to them. It started with a friend who surfs and my interest grew. Thirdly, my art exudes emotions of joy and bliss -- both mine and my subjects, captured through photography and transcribed via paint. Happiness is really a third subject but is felt and not seen through color and movement of the paint.

Through my art, I try to push and play with photography beyond it's traditional limits, I train my lens on surfers and the landscape around them as subject and I try to convey deep meaningful moments of joy visa vis painting expressively in my own dreamy creamy language of color.


Annie Seaton was born in Toronto, Canada and lives in Sherman Oaks, CA. She lives with her son, daughter, dog, cat and five koi fish. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Annie Seaton is also part of the global community of Minted.com artists and maintains a storefront selling art prints and commissioned portraits.

annie seaton's minted store